Welcome to The Mind Clinic

A Counselling method focused on re-educating the present rather than trying to resolve the past.
Mental-Physical Rehabilitation
A Mental-Physical Rehabilitation programme utilising the power of the mind to overcome all complex conditions.
Relative, Carer Support and Management Relatives / Carer Support and Management Image
Relative and Carer Support Programme to understand about the minor depressions and miscommunications that take place, to ensure interaction is productive and progressive.

The Mind Clinic is a holistic rehabilitation and counselling centre located in Central London.

The aim at The Mind Clinic is to teach individuals how to utilise the power of the mind to overcome all complications in life.

Unique re- training programmes enable individuals to heal themselves.

The Mind Clinic takes a holistic approach towards all circumstances, whether a minor situation, a reoccurring emotional state, a life-threatening condition, or a physical disability.

To be successful in achieving change, individuals must be determined and committed towards creating change.

The Mind Clinic was established in 2002 and has an international reputation, attracting individuals from around the world.

The Mind Clinic Documentary

A documentary by Purrfect Pictures. Directed and produced by Lisa Whelan

My Mind My Master - The Eternal
by Hratch Ogali

The book has been written out of Hratch Ogali’s personal experience and from five years working with individuals at the Mind Clinic, many of whom have suffered from devastating neurological conditions.

The Journey of the Mind CD

Hratch Ogali provides an in-depth explanation about Mind Instruction. Discover the answers to life’s most fundamental questions. Understand the pattern of thought processes that alter behaviour and affect wellbeing.